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Picnic Fundraiser!

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Posted by Emily M

    Program HostChapter
    Host Region and ChapterSouth Jersey
    Ohev BBG
    Program TypeAthletic
    Time Required2-5 hours
    Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
    Boys (AZA)
    Prospective Members
    Folds TargetedAthletic
    People Participating30-60

    Program Summary:

    Our chapter is a little short on cash, so we put together this fundraiser and invited the region!

    Full Description:

    We planned out a good ol' game of apple schmear! Whaaaaaat is THAT? Well, if you have seen Cheaper By The Dozen, it's their family's traditional game. If you haven't seen it, it's basically baseball, expect with a tennis racket replacing a bat and apples replacing baseballs. So it's really messy, and a TON of fun! We'll try to have each chapter represent itself by creating a team for the the game!

    We'll charge $5 admission, and then sell "tickets" to purchase baked goods, water bottles, and certain activities at our picnic

    Ideas: Ring Pop wedding both for attendees to "get married" at (we'll print out certificates!), sidewalk chalk sign creation competition, frisbee, temporary tattoo station, "kissing booth" with Hersey Kisses, facepainting, photo station, bubbles, Slip 'N' Side, lemonade stand, bake sale, candy grams, sell Gatorade and water bottles

    Submitter's Suggestions: