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Jammin' At the J

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Posted by Devo H

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterCotton States
Program TypeArts
Community Service
Social Action
Stand Up
Time Required2-5 hours
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
Boys (AZA)
Prospective Members
Teen Leaders
8th Graders
6th-8th Graders (Teen Connection)
Community at-large
Folds Targeted
Community Service
Social Action
People Participating60-100

Program Summary:

Music City BBG hosted a carnival with live entertainment, kosher food, a bake off, activities, and live entertainment that benefited a non profit organization called our Kids

Full Description:

Jammin’ at the J is an amazing carnival that Music City BBG is hosting for the entire Nashville community. It is a fundraiser bash to kick off the start of the school year in a fun way. We have inflatables and various activities for kids to play and enjoy. There is a Kosher a barbeque and awesome desserts at the bake off. We have awesome live entertainment that will sure blow everyone away. The entertainment includes girls with talent in our chapter and from our community. The best part of this carnival is the fact that it’s benefitting Our Kids, a foundation that strives to provide expert medical and crisis counseling services for children when there are allegations or concerns of child sexual abuse. Everyone should be sure to check out Our Kids awesome booth with pamphlets and so much more. Our Kids happen to work very well with our Stand Up cause which is prevention. On behalf of Music City BBG we hope that everyone has a blast and enjoys Jammin’ at the J.
The different activities:
    •    Two Inflatables
    •     Air Brush Tattoos
    •    Face Paint Table
    •    Cake Walk
    •    Duck Pond
    •    Water Balloon Toss
    •    Bean Bag Throw
    •    Kickball
    •    Slip n’ Slide
    •    Gaga Ball
    •    Sack Races/ 3 Legged Races
    •    2 Inflatables:
    •    Inflatable One (Moon Bounce): ONE PERSON!
    •    Requirements- For this basically we just need one person to sit at the door and tell kids to take off shoes, only let a certain amount in at a time, time the kids, etc.
    •    Inflatable Two (Slide): THREE PEOPLE
    •    Requirements- For this 1 person needs to sit at the front and do what the moon bounce person does. The other two people will be inside the thing helping little kids climb up and slide down.

    •    Tattoos: TWO PEOPLE
    •    Requirements- For this we just need 2 people to put tattoos on kids. Also you will need to come up with a few designs that you can draw and draw them on a piece of paper.

    •    Face Paint Table: Two People
    •    Requirements- For this we just need 2 people to paint on kids. Also you will need to come up with a few designs that you can draw and draw them on a piece of paper.
    •    · A paper of Designs for henna and face paint!
    •    · Hand Mirrors
    •    · Henna

    •    Cake Walk: TWO PEOPLE
    •    For the cake walk we will need one person in control of the music and the other watching everyone, then who ever is standing on the place with the number they get a prize.

    •    How to Play: You tape numbers to the ground in a circle. When the music stops playing everyone starts walking around the circle. When the music stops they all have to stop on one of the numbers. Someone who is running the booth will draw a corresponding number from the bowl or container and call out that number. Whoever is standing on that number wins a baked good.

    •    Duck Pond: ONE PERSON
    •    Requirements-We just need someone to make sure everything goes smoothly and kids are pulling out the ducks and getting prizes.
    •    Duck Pond:
    •    Supplies:
    •    · Baby Pool with a few inches of water.
    •    · Floating ducks with the numbers 1, 2, or 3 on the bottom.
    •    · Small, Medium, and large carnival prizes.
    •    Contact: Prizes- Oriental Trading!
    •    How Much:
    •    How to Play: Children pick a duck and look at the number on the bottom. Children win the prize that corresponds with the number they chose.

    •    Water Balloon Toss: ONE PERSON
    •    Requirements- make sure that everything is going smoothly and people are cleaning up their popped balloons off the floor.

    •    Bean Bag Throw: ONE PERSON
    •    Requirements- kids throw bean bags into the holes then get prizes and make sure to pick the bean bags up.

    •    Kickball: FOUR PEOPLE
    •    We just need one person collecting tickets and putting war paint on kids and 3 people to tell kids how to play and to make sure the game goes smoothly.
    •    Slip n’ Slide: FIVE PEOPLE
    •    We will need 2 people making sure that only 2 kids go down at once. 2 people hosing it and putting soap on it. And 1 person at the bottom helping kids.
    •    All members will have 30-minute shifts of working at different activities

    •    FOOD
    •    For food we have kosher food like burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, buns, desserts, chips, condiments, and drinks.
    •    Throughout the afternoon we will have live entertainment:
    •    We have a live DJ going on throughout the whole time
    •    Talia Mayden our own member
    •    Maggie Jackson
    •    Emma Mallory
    •    Kindsay Davison
    •    Jessica Farren
    •    Rickey Olsen
Make sure all performers are on stage ten to fifteen minutes before they perform.

We will have our bake off going throughout the carnival and people submitted their desserts. People will be testing the desserts and voting for their favorite baked goods. At the end there will be a winner and will receive a prize.  

We hope everyone has a blast and enjoys the very first Jammin’ at the J benefiting Our Kids. We appreciate all of our sponsors and everyone’s generous donations!

Submitter's Suggestions:

Start planning way ahead of time, make sure everything is booked, order everything, and HAVE FUN!