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Made It Through the Wilderness

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Posted by Devo H

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterCotton States
Program TypeArts
Community Service
Time Required2-5 hours
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
Prospective Members
Teen Leaders
Folds Targeted
Community Service
Jewish Heritage
People Participating10-30

Program Summary:

Our chapter involved in a fun story and split up into two teams and competed against each other in some team building games that were focused around the exodus from Egypt.

Full Description:

Made It Through the Wilderness
Saturday November 20th, 2010
Aviva Taeidkashani’s House
7-10 PM
Havdallah (used buildaprayer)

Recreation: The recreation fold gives the chance for you to get your feet moving and having fun! This fold gives members the opportunity to have fun with their sister BBGs and do silly and fun activities. We will be doing activities and races inside and outside so it’s going to be active and so much fun.

We are going to break up the chapter into two teams and do many competitions and games! So get excited!
(Break the chapter up into two teams)

As the Jews left Egypt, they were suddenly confronted by the Yam Hamelech, the Red Sea. They knew they must get to the other side of it in order to truly be free. This was a huge challenge, but everyone had faith in Hashem. One man in particular had extreme faith. His name was Nashshon, and he was the first Israelite to step into the water. It wasn't Moses as we all thought, but Nachshon. He had the water rise all the way to his chest, the suddenly the sea parted....

Crossin’ the Sea
    •    Blind folds
    •    Rope
    •    Each team will have one person to go through the obstacle – you will have to get your teammate with the blindfold from one rope to the other
    •    The other team will be the rocks/sea blocks that the blindfolded person will have to go around
    •    The blindfolded person will be directed to go around the rocks aka the people and try to make it to the other rope
    •    If the blindfolded person hits a person they must restar
    •    We will time how long it takes each group to do it
    •    Whichever team does it the fastest will win this challenge

Finally, the Israelites had made it across the sea, and suddenly they realized they didn't know what they were going to do about food. They again had faith in G-d, and the next day, delicious Mana fell from the sky, and the Jews had to collect as much as they could, because Leftovers or manna stored up for the following day "bred worms and stank." To do this however, they had to keep the mana afloat with their feet, and if a piece touched the ground, it would rot....

“Catch the Mana, before it Goes Bad”
    •    String
    •    Balloons
    •    To play, first tie a piece of yarn or string across the playing area (around 10 Feet playing area) – like a volleyball net
    •    Be in your groups, and in a up crab style position – so you are faced up, leaning on your hands and feet,  in their stocking feet on each side of the string
    •    We will use a coin toss to figure out  which team will serve first
    •     Then you will have 1 player on the team that launches the balloon into the air for a teammate to kick over the string to the opposite team
    •    The teams kick the balloon back and forth, taking all the hits they need to send the balloon to the other side
    •     If one team lets the balloon touch the floor, the other team earns 1 point and restarts the game by serving the balloon from their side
    •     The first team to reach 15 points wins

Thankfully the Israelites were staying fed, and had plenty of water, but still the old were getting very weak after all this walking. They needed help getting across the long stretches of desert, and although they didn't have these in the desert, today you will be using magic shoes to help you get everyone across.

Magic Shoes
    •    Imagination and Imaginary shoes
    •    Rope

    •    Each group will be on opposite sides of the lava aka there will be two ropes and in between is the hot lava
    •    The object is for your entire team to get across the lava
    •    Each team will be given a pair of magic shoes
    •    Only one person can weat the shoes at a time
    •    Each person can only wear them only one time crossing the lava
    •    So make smart choices – with your team you might want to come up with a strategy
    •    Every person can only cross one direction one time while touching the ground with their feet
    •    The only way to be able to cross the river of lava, without getting burned up, is by following the rules
    •    The first team with every member across the lava wins
    •    But if a member of your team falls in the lava, the whole team must start over again

As the promise land grew closer, more and more people were having babies, and the population of the Jewish people increased. More children were born, and the bedouin lifestyle left everyone feeling more and more cramped. To relive the crowded lifestyle on the voyage across the desert, we will play,

Shrinking Desert
    •    Small towels
    •    Music

    •    There will be some towels on the floor – and there are only enough towels for all the members in the group – very similar to musical chairs
    •    Just like in musical chairs, each person will walk around in a circle when the music is playing
    •    When the music stops, each player hurries and tries to stand on a towel (several people might be able to fit on one towel, depending on its size)
    •    You are allowed to clutch onto a friend so that they can squeeze onto an island
    •     Any person who can't stand with both feet on an island is out
    •    After each round, an island is folded (to reduce the available standing room) or removed entirely
    •     At the very end there will be a smaller towel for the last two people, and the last person standing on an island wins this competition for their team

At one point in their voyage, the Israelites started to rebel against G-d and were starting to lose faith because it was taking so long to get to the promised land. They decided they were going to construct a golden Calf, and start up idol worshipping again. They did this secretly while Moses was away, and carried the supplies and the calf all around...

Golden Calf Trot
    •    Calf Mascot
Each group will make one: tape a colored-paper calf head to one end of a football or you can also just stuff a brown bag with crumpled newspaper and draw on a face with colored markers

    •    This contest each group will divide up into pairs, and link elbows
    •    Each group will have a calf mascot
    •    When I say go each pair will have to make their way to the opposite line and back – and then will hand off the calf mascot to the next pair
    •    The first team to have all the pairs to get there and back without dropping their bird or unlinking their arms will win this game – so if you drop it or unlink – that pair must start from the beginning

Moses was so mad that the Israelites created the Golden Calf, that when he returned, he smashed the 10 commandments he had worked so hard to get from G-d into many pieces. It is now your goal to find those pieces...

Collect the Cammandments”
    •    Timers/alarm clocks

    •    There will be a few timers around the house
    •    Each group will have to go find them before the time is up
    •    Each group will have to turn them off and bring them back
    •    The clocks are hiden throughout the house so good luck and find them and don’t forget to turn them off
    •    Whichever teams turns off and finds more alarm clocks wins this challenge

At the end announce the winners, then have a discussion about team/group work and see what you could have done better and what its like to work with others!

Submitter's Suggestions:

Tell everyone that this is a exciting but serious program, and make sure it doesn't go out of hand.