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Melech's BROvention

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Posted by Jeremy E

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Helpful Resources:

Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterNorthern East - DC Council
Melech AZA
Program TypeAthletic
Time RequiredMore than 12 hours
Target Population(s)Boys (AZA)
Folds TargetedAthletic

People Participating60-100

Program Summary:

BROvention embodies an AZA program by using multiple folds and having an emphasis on brotherhood.
This program gives members the opportunity to bond while enjoying an AZA experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Full Description:

Admission fee is $7 to allow for food.
On Friday people arrive at 7p.m., snacks are out to keep people occupied while we set up for the Persian themed Shabbat service and dinner. 7:20p.m. people begin to sit down for dinner (set up is sitting on pillows and rugs to make a chill atmosphere),
7:30p.m. begin calling everyone to the buffet (pizza and pasta) by grade.
8:00p.m. hand out the service packet containing the prayers and sing the prayers as a chapter.

8:30p.m. The Real Slim Shady:
Split everyone up by grade (8th graders go with seniors), then split those groups in half. There are now 8 groups. Each group will get a topic and they will have to write a group rap that includes everyone. Group 1 will go against group 8, group 2 against 7, 3 against 6, and 4 against 5. They will compete in front of the chapter and will be judged by the chapter by cheering. The winning teams of each rap off will then get a new subject and must make a rap about that. The bracket will continue.
10p.m. take everyone to the basement and blindfold them using their shirts, create two lines of people holding hands. Lead them outside and make them go around the house once. Eventually lead them to the fire pit where there will be a bonfire. Give them an awesome speech about brotherhood and what it means to be a member of a chapter and an Aleph. Play "Guster" on speakers and hang out there (people can go inside)
10:30p.m. chofesh
11:30p.m. good and welfare (everyone speaks about issues in their life or whatever they want)

9a.m. start breakfast (krispy kreme doughnuts and orange juice) but let everyone sleep in if they want to.
11:30a.m. Wrestlemania 2461:
Everyone will be split up by grade (creating weight classes). They will then compete against each other in sock wrestling (wrestling where the goal is to remove the opponent's sock) in bracket style. The winners of each weight class will compete against the other champions. Champions of weight classes will receive a championship belt.
There will then be Mohel Rumble. This will be a free-for-all with everyone in it. Last person standing will win.
12:00p.m. Take videos of everyone doing cool/crazy things (take the videos and turn them into a backwards movie to show at the next chapter meeting)
12:30p.m. everyone begins to leave

Submitter's Suggestions:

Make sure that people are bonding and there is brotherhood present. The goal is to strengthen the chapter bond. If your chapter does not have a lot of people, this is a good program to do with another AZA chapter