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Operation Beautiful

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Posted by Joycie S

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterCotton States
Program TypeArts
Community Service
Social Action
Women's Issues
Time Required2-5 hours
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
Teen Leaders
Folds Targeted
Community Service
Social Action
Jewish Heritage
People Participating10-30
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Program Summary:

This program will incorporate the six fold types: Jewish Heritage, Social Action, Community Service, Sisterhood, Creativity, and Recreation, and is about Operation Beautiful: an organization dedicated to end negative self-talk.

Full Description:

This fold is a 6-fold that incorporates all aspects of fold types, but mainly focuses on Social Action and Sisterhood. The purpose of the program is to educate our members on what the true meaning of beauty is as a BBG, and show them the importance of sisterhood.  As a chapter we will be splitting up into two stations. One station will be writing letters to the Abused Women of Memphis Shelter and discussing what beauty truly means, and the other will be playing an identity sherades game and discussing stereotypes. Afterwards we will come together as a chapter to watch the Operation Beautiful video and writing notes to place around the JCC.

Women Shelter Intro:
Today we are going to be making cards for abused women of Memphis. This is a really important project because these women have gone through what may be unimaginable for us: they have been physically abused. Now these women are on the journey to finding their inner beauty and sticking up for who they really are. To help  we will be encouraging them by writing inspirational cards to boost their confidence that say things like “you’re beautiful just the way you are.” Though writing a short and sweet card may not seem so big to you,
you are making a huge impact in these strong women’s lives, so please take a moment to think about how much this means to them.

Stereotype Game Rotation:
This station will focus on stereotypes and the effect they have on people. The leader will write down a common stereotype on a piece of paper and give it to one member who will act it out in charades. The group will have to guess what stereotype is being acted, and afterwards will discuss how they came to that conclusion. Then, the leader will begin asking questions about Jewish stereotypes in history and today, and the members will add to the conversation with personal experiences.

Have you ever thought you were ugly?
Have you ever judged another girl, even a friend, by her looks, her outfit, or how she did her hair?
Have you ever changed your appearance to fit in?
Have you ever been excluded from a clique? Or even worse, a part of one?
Do you act differently around certain people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions always remember:
Beauty is being different.
Beauty is standing out.
Beauty is being a B’nai Brith Girl.
Beauty is respecting yourself and others.
Beauty is on the inside.
Beauty is how you act.
Beauty is being you.

Supply List:
Construction Paper, markers, sticky notes, camera, a poster, and food, computer

Timeline for the program:
12:30- 12:40- Socialize/Eating
12:45-12:55- Introduce the Program to the Chapter
12:55-1- break off into stations
1:00-2:00- stations/rotations
2:00-2:15- do I don’t like my___ activity and talk about true beauty.
2:00- 2:06- watch Operation Beautiful Video
2:06- 2:30-Go to the JCC to post Operation Beautiful notes
3:20-3:30- Feedback from the chapter
3:30- Pickup

Submitter's Suggestions:

Because this fold incorporates a lot of program types/different activities SET SPECIFIC TIMES IN ADVANCE and try RUNNING THROUGH THE PROGRAM before to make sure it runs smoothly!