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Israeli Border Crisis

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Posted by Jeremy E

Program HostRegional
Host RegionNorthern East - DC Council
Program TypeEducation
Israel Advocacy
Social Action
Time RequiredLess then 2 hours
Target Population(s)Members
Folds TargetedJudaic
Community Service/Social Activism
Community Service
Social Action
Jewish Heritage
People Participating30-60
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Program Summary:

This program is a metaphor for the Israeli national security issue with their neighboring countries existing as a constant threat, as displayed in the 6 day war.

Full Description:

•0-2: Split everyone up into groups of 10
•2-12: Create national identities for each group
o    Country name, national sport, food, anthem (favorite song)
o    Create their flag on poster board with logo, national colors, etc.
o    The goal of this is to create a strong bond with their country
•12-15: Throughout the program, we give every country options on a decision they can make for their nation:
o    develop an intelligence agency
    Each option has a pre-designated outcome. Every outcome brings the countries to the same general spot despite which option they choose, the point in the option is to add an interactive component. Each outcome will also be printed out on an official, “classified” document and handed to each team in correspondence with the decisions they make: one of your top ranking spies informs you that your neighboring countries are planning an attack on your border
o    boost national defenses
    OUTCOME: a military patrol spots enemy troops advancing towards your border
•ANNOUNCEMENT: Your top ranking advisers inform you that a war is inevitable, they advise you that the best course of action is to launch a preemptive strike
o    15-19: OPTION:
o    OUTCOME: your tanks were able to drive straight into enemy grounds without any resistance
o    OUTCOME: your naval fleet attacks the most highly fortified coast, after a tough battle they are able to conquer and advance
•Air Force
o    OUTCOME: your jets demolish enemy air force before they are even able to take off the ground
•ANNOUNCEMENT: After a short war, enemy troops retreat and your country is able to obtain enemy territory, nearly tripling your size
o    19-21: OPTION:
    Give back some of the conquered land to achieve peace with the neighboring countries
    Keep the well-earned land in order to improve the standard of living for your population
•Further explain the connection to Israel.
o    28-31: “What you just did, the choices you made, and the events you simulated are very similar to the situation Israel was in during the 6 day war, in June 1967. A combination of Israeli intelligence and military patrols revealed Egypt and Syria mobilizing hundreds of thousands of their troops for a war. Israel knew that war was coming, and decided to take advantage of their intelligence by launching a preemptive strike. On June 5th 1967, the Israeli air force launched a strike against the Egyptians, destroying 340 of the 420 Egyptian planes. As the name suggests, the war lasted for 6 days, during which Israel sustained between 700 and 1,000 casualties, while the Arab countries (mainly Egypt, Syria, Jordan) sustained well over 10,000 casualties. At the end of the fighting, Israel had captured the Gaza strip, the west bank, the Sinai Peninsula, east Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights (show map, in case kids don’t know). Later on, Israel gave the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt as part of a land for peace deal, and in 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza. But east Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and the west bank are still considered disputed territories.
Now fast forward 60 years, to this past year, Obama asked Israel to return to the original borders they had prior to the 6 day war in 1967.”
•31-46: Combine the original groups to create 3 large discussion groups led by each of us.
o    Questions: Do you think that Israel should return to their pre ’67 borders?
o    What role do you feel America plays in their decision?
o    Do you feel as though Obama is being intrusive by expressing his want for them to return to the pre ’67 borders?
•46-60: Then have them write letters to Knesset, expressing their views and opinions on the topic of returning to the pre ’67 borders, literally making our voices heard ;)

Submitter's Suggestions:

Make sure that the metaphor is subtle and not too obvious, that's what keeps it fun.