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Melech's Hostage Crisis

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Posted by Jeremy E

Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterNorthern East - DC Council
Melech AZA
Program TypeEducation
Israel Advocacy
Time RequiredLess then 2 hours
Target Population(s)Boys (AZA)
Folds TargetedAthletic
Community Service/Social Activism

People Participating30-60
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Program Summary:

An interactive metaphor for the recent release of Gilad Shalit, which puts the controversial topic into perspective.

Full Description:

7:00-7:15 people arrive

7:15-7:20 Havdallah

7:20-7:30 Capture the flag (two separate games: 9th vs. 10th, 11th vs. 12th). Choose two people from each jail to be hostages for that team (give them sign saying they are a hostage)

7:30-7:32 go inside and show clip of Gilad Shalit hostage video

7:32-7:37 give intro, explain that each grade has kidnapped two members of their opposing grades, and they must do everything in our power to rescue the hostage (quote Halakah)
“Hello, welcome to Hostage Crisis. While playing capture the flag, each of you captured hostages and placed them in your jail. 2 prisoners from each jail were chosen as hostages for this program: say the names of two people per grade. The 9th and 10th grade have taken two hostages from each other, and same with the 11th and 12th. You must do everything within your power to attempt to retrieve them, as it says in Jewish law “one who delays in ransoming a captive is considered like a murderer” (Yoreh Deah 252:3)”

7:37-7:42 split up into grades and have 9th and 12th separately in one house, 10th and 11th separately in the house next to it (grades in the same house remain separated)

7:42-8:00 give the grades a list of things they need to receive from the other grade in order to get the hostage. However, the two grades will need to get things that clash, making it impossible to reach a deal. Create hostage videos with their hostages on flip video recorders stating that they have kidnapped those people and what they would like in return for them (every person should be involved, these videos should be creative—display examples of what will happen, skits, make it funny, get creative, etc.)

8:00-8:10 deliver videos to other grade and watch videos.

8:10-8:25 video chat (Skype) negotiation with opposing team in other house for hostages. List (the lists make it impossible for the teams to reach an agreement):
          9th grade needs: 10 Hershey Kisses, 20 Three Musketeers. Cannot give up more than 10 Twizzlers.
          10th grade needs: 16 Milky Ways, 18 Twizzlers. Cannot give up more than 7 Hershey Kisses.
          11th grade needs: 30 Twizzlers, 20 Kit Kats. Cannot give up more than 6 Milky Ways.
          12th grade needs: 9 Milky Ways, 30 Hershey Kisses, 1 Hershey Bar. Cannot give up more than 12 Kit Kats.

Explain to them to not tell the other team what they need, because it is better if they can get more. They can also not settle for less than what is needed. They also want to give up as little candy and get as much from the other team as possible because they get to eat it.

8:25-8:26 explain Israel got Shalit after releasing 1,027 Palestinian prisoners selected by Hamas including 450 high ranking terrorists, many of whom were serving multiple life sentences. Have one wall represent agreeing with the release of Gilad Shalit and the other represents disagreeing, and people go to the side they agree with.

8:26-8:36 eat the candy and discuss Gilad Shalit and how Israelis and Jews across the world were split about it.
It’s an issue of National Security vs. Judaic Law. And how we learned the difficulty of negotiating with terrorists.

8:36-8:42 write letters to Benjamin Netanyahu about their opinions on the topic, and what they’ve learned from this program based on Halakah and the National Security of Israel and whether or not they agree with the decision made.

8:42-9:00 allow for some time to let the topic and ideas marinate, give them time to reflect.

Submitter's Suggestions:

Make sure that the success of this program relies upon the balance of education and fun. Also, change aspects of the program based on how many people you have participating. It is important that everyone remains involved, but there enough people.