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Lubel AZA and BBG #63 Channukkah Night!

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Posted by Jay S

    Program HostChapter
    Host Region and ChapterLonestar
    Jack Lubel AZA
    Program TypeAleph-in-Training (AIT)
    Community Service
    Jewish Holiday
    Member-in-Training (MIT)
    Time Required2-5 hours
    Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
    Boys (AZA)
    Teen Leaders
    Folds TargetedJudaic
    Community Service/Social Activism
    Community Service
    Social Action
    People Participating30-60

    Program Summary:

    The men and women of Jack Lubel AZA #2029 and BBG #63 came together to have an amazing night of Chanukkah fun.

    Full Description:

    Who: Lubel AZA #2092, BBG #63
    What: We played traditional Chanukkah games and made up our own
    Where: Erika Seltzer's lovely home in Bellaire
    When: Friday, December 2, 2011
    Why: To educate the two chapters on the real story of Chanukkah and the fun of making new games as well as having a good time with the old.

    Service Materials (candles, books, wine, challah)
    Latkes along with other treats for the hungry
    Unwrapped toys to be gifted

    The whole idea of this Chanukkah project was to educate, reinforce, and to just have great fun while donating to a good cause.
    The very first thing we did was do a meet and greet at both dinner at the New York Pizzaria and when first arriving at the house.
    We then began our services led by the shliachs, Matthew Kaiser and Sammy Minkowitz. The service was all inclusive and everyone loves participating  when mixing songs that everybody knows from their childhood.
    Then we got straight to the game. Mafia. This childhood game that we all used to play was very simple and straight-forward, but we threw in a Chanukkah twist. We incorporated the Macabees, Judah, and Antiochus as well as wrongly convicted tyrants.
    Then we moved onto the next event, the Dreidel Tournament. Everybody was incredibly into the tournament and enjoyed the blast from the past.
    Using gelt and the traditional rules of Nes=0, Gadol=all, Haya=half, Sham= one was the best way to get all 40-or so people involved.
    We then collected gifts to give to a local organization to give to young people who need something to open during Chanukkah or on the Morning of Christmas. The feeling of giving is much more beneficial than receiving.
    To close out the project, we all sat down and had a delicious plate of latkes and applesauce to get us ready for the hollidays.
    We then continued to an after-project in Meyerland Plaza.

    The project was at a very minimal cost. In all, we spent only around $20 (excluding latkes) on gelt and dreidels.

    This was my favorite project of my term as Sgan and my last. It's easy to put together and alot of fun.
    Thank You.

    Submitter's Suggestions:

    Keep everybody interactive in the program by having them participate in the telling of your story.