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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Posted by Jamie N

    Helpful Resources:

    Program HostChapter
    Host Region and ChapterNorth Texas Oklahoma
    Nona Bloch Salomon
    Program TypeSisterhood
    Women's Issues
    Time RequiredLess then 2 hours
    Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
    Folds Targeted
    People Participating10-30

    Program Summary:

    This program was very meaningful and brought our chapter together :)

    Full Description:

    This program is a sisterhood program to bring our chapter together. We bought mirrors around the size of a standard sheet of paper and sharpies. We sat in a circle, and as music was playing, we signed each other’s mirrors with something we thought was beautiful about them. It was very meaningful, and everybody absolutely loved it. This was our first program of the Fall Term, and we are going to do it again as the last program of the year, when we all know each other better.

    This was the script:

    Here are some questions to think about:

    What did you think when you looked in the mirror this morning?
    Did you adjust your outfit when the popular girls or a cute boy walked by?
    Have there been times where you thought you were being judged for your looks?
    Or was there a time where you judged someone by their looks?
    Have you ever changed your appearance to "fit in"?

    You all have a mirror in front of you.  Take a sharpie and write your name on it.  Then pass your mirror to your right.  Now, write what you think is beautiful about each girl.

    When you go home, I want each and every one of you to put your mirror where you can see it every day, so instead of seeing the negative things, you will be reminded how people see the beauty in you.

    Just remember:

    Beauty is unique.
    Beauty is you.

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