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Holiday Help

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Posted by Lindsay R

    Program HostChapter
    Host Region and ChapterNorth Texas Oklahoma
    Jennie Zesmer
    Program TypeCommunity Service
    Jewish Holiday
    Social Action
    Time RequiredLess then 2 hours
    Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
    Folds Targeted
    Community Service
    People Participating10-30

    Program Summary:

    There are many people in our community who are much less fortunate than we are.  The idea behind this project is to help others during the holiday season when regular income may not be enough to cover extensive expenses of the holidays.

    Full Description:

    7:05 have people make cards for people at meals for wheels while waiting for everyone to arrive
    7:15 start project. Hand out wrapped gifts to a few people and have them open them.
        Have them open their gift and have them find presents like socks, toothbrushs.

    Alex: everyone opens presents. How did you feel when you saw what the gift was? Disappointed?
    Excited? Confused? And the rest of the group, how did you feel when you saw them getting
    presents and you didn't? Who would feel disappointed if you got basics like these on
    Chanukah? Probably disappointed.
    The reason I wrapped the gifts with basics is to contrast how we might be ungrateful towards
    receiving things such as socks while there are so many people out there that would really
    appreciate these kinds of things. Poverty is described as the minimum level of income deemed
    necessary to achieve an adequate standard of living. Anyone living below this line is living
    below poverty level. Texas ranks #18 in the United States with 16.6% of people living below
    poverty. Of these 16.6%, 22.9% are children and 12.5% are senior citizens.
    Basics are asked for and greatly appreciated by people in need during the holiday season. So
    because this is a holiday themed project, hence the gifts at the beginning, I picked out four
    people to buy gifts for from the salvation army angel tree. Angel trees can be found in most
    malls and they have tags with people's name, wish, need, and even clothing sizes. These people
    need a coat, a sweater, a brush, etc and most request simple things as their wish such as lotion.
    We're going to drive to Walmart and I'll divide everyone into groups of two and we'll see who
    can get all the things on the list fastest.

    7:30 leave for walmart
    7:45 split into teams, give them the list of what they need to buy, and give them the rules
        Rules: no running, maximum of $50, cheating=disqualified, and remember all though this is a race to take this seriously and to not rush since this is serious and we are buying presents for people that really need these things.
    8:45 check out and determine winner
    8:55 havdallah

    Submitter's Suggestions: