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Laser Tag Sleepover

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Posted by Ryan F

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterOhio Northern
Exodus AZA
Program TypeAleph-in-Training (AIT)
Time RequiredMore than 12 hours
Target Population(s)Boys (AZA)
Prospective Members
Teen Leaders
8th Graders
Folds TargetedAthletic

People Participating30-60

Program Summary:

Exodus AZA came together to have an amazing time playing laser tag and then having a sleep over! This is a great program to get new members out of and also a great fundraiser for your chapter or for I$F or Stand Up!.

Full Description:

**Be sure you have the laser tag facility booked and payed for! We played at WhirlyBall, but these are very few and far between. Other places can also easily be used. To cover the cost, we charged $10 for new members and prospectives and $12 for members. This program is very important to have a house that is close to where you play laser tag!**

7:00 Members arrived, collection of money, organizing cars (drivers were confirmed in advance and everything was cleared by our advisor)
7:15 Havdalah
7:30 Announce cars and finalize driving
7:45 Leave for laser tag facility. We have two advisors, so we had one advisor leave first, then the Godol, then everyone else; the S'gan and other advisor were the last to leave.
8:00 Arrival at WhirlyBall (or your own laser tag facility). Organize teams here, we had 4 teams because we had about 50 people show up, but most chapters will only need 2 or 3. Standard protocol of rules, etc. from WhirlyBall. Then, we played laser tag for an hour. If a team wasn't playing, they were able to watch from a window or hang out.
9:30 Leave to go back to the house
9:45 Rap battles. We started by listening to a rap an Exodus alum wrote a few years ago ( and explained how now we have a copy of our history to show what our chapter was like. Then, everyone split back up into their laser tag groups to write their own rap. Each group had 10 minutes. One competition had the theme of “Pride of being Jewish” and the other had “Fraternity/Brotherhood.” We provided a beat off of a laptop with speakers plugged in. The winners were determined with sound-o-meter (AKA by popularity). The winning groups then had 2 minutes to think of ideas for anything and faced off in a freestyle rap battle. Afterwards, people could have one-on-one freestyle rap battles if they wanted to.
10:45 Hanging out and down time
12:00 Good and welfare
11:00 AM Everyone leaves

Submitter's Suggestions:

It's really important you get in contact with your laser tag facility with enough time to book it. I also recommend whoever calls pays with their money and gets reimbursed at the program so that the facility doesn't need to handle a lot of bills. Also ensure you will have enough drivers. Try to book laser tag a little later; this allows you to put the rap battles first and makes things work better when you get back to the house.