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Green and Black Night: AIT/MIT Prep

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Posted by Zach S

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Helpful Resources:

Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterOhio Northern
Exodus AZA
Program TypeAthletic
Community Service
Time Required2-5 hours
Target Population(s)Boys (AZA)
Prospective Members
Folds TargetedAthletic
Community Service/Social Activism

People Participating30-60

Program Summary:

In order to prepare our AIT's for AZA history at AIT/MIT, eXodus AZA #2425 needed to lay down the ground-work with our own chapter history

Full Description:

This program generally works in either a basement or outside environment (outside generally works better for rotations because of space issues).

7:00 - 7:15: Arrival and Chill: Members interact as people arrive.

7:15 - 7:45: Havdalah and Discussion: We had everyone circle up as board led a traditional Havdalah. Afterwards, we read a top a 10, and our Aleph Shaliach led a discussion on Jewish values, and how people thought about Judaic laws and customs and their importance.

7:45 - 8:05: "The Average X-Man": We numbered everyone off into 5 groups. We sent each group to a different section of the yard with a really big piece of paper (hard enough that you can write on it on the ground), and some markers. We had them design the “average Exodus Aleph”. They must draw a picture of what they consider the average Exodus Aleph, and include 10 descriptions of him (both physical, or mental (personality wise)) and write/label.  

8:05 - 8:25: Groups present: Each group presents their Aleph. The group who wins the most by sound-o-meter gets some sort of prize

8:25 - 9:25: Rotations: Each rotation lasts approximately 12 minutes. We had everyone disperse and then line up in straight line horizontally. We numbered off into 5 new groups. Send to rotations across the yard. ALSO, TIME IS IMPORTANT SO MAKE SURE EACH ROTATION IS ON SCHEDULE. Also, designate one or two board members to lead each rotation:

-Ultimate Frisbee: Divide group into 2 teams. Allow to play a simple game of ultimate frisbee for about 8-9 minutes. The team that loses must elect one representative to give each person on the winning team one compliment, and one pick-up line.

-Inside Joke Station:. Allow participants  to sit in the chair with Shul of Hard Knocks shirt (our chapter shirt with a bunch of inside jokes on it. Go over shirt, and explain each and reminisce over old inside jokes and chapter traditions, for the new members who don’t know them.

-Community Service Station: Have members make and bag peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that will be donated to local fire station or food bank

-”United As One Crew” Station: Set up 7-9 chairs depending on     how many people are in the group. Align chairs into a circle. Everyone needs to lean back in their chair, and help support each other as we remove each chair, having the alephs dependent one one another to keep themselves balanced. If anybody falls, we have to start all over. Do this activity for about 8 minutes.     Afterwards lead discussion on how we worked together as brothers, as a support system to overcome challenges, and work together for a common goal

-Throwback Exodus Station (90’s) / Who was Josh Mendelsohn (member of our chapter in the 90's who passed away) We had everyone chill on the couch while our advisor explained who Josh     Mendelsohn was, and why the convention is named after him. We allowed our advisor to talk about his experience in Exodus in the 90’s, similarities and differences etc. Funny stories, stuff like that.

9:25 - 10:00: X History Elimination: After rotations, we passed out AIT Packets filled with Exodus History, giving members a few minutes to look them over. Afterwards, we divided everyone up into 2 groups on opposite sides of the yard, with a relay race activity, where at the end, each group would have to answer the X History-based question.

10:00 - 10:30: Spirit Circle: We circled everyone up, and taught a call and response version of chapter cheers (as well as Up You Men), with an actual Spirit Circle following. Afterwards, we had a pep talk about how spirited we need to be AIT/MIT to win the Region's Spirit Monkey

Submitter's Suggestions:

Make sure you go over who's leading what ahead of time. We had a few issues because people who were leading things weren't sure what they should specifically be doing