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Pearl is All That: A Nickelodeon Intake

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Posted by Brooke S

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterCotton States
Program TypeEntertainment
Member-in-Training (MIT)
Time Required2-5 hours
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
Folds Targeted
People Participating30-60

Program Summary:

Daniel Pearl BBG hosted this Nickelodeon themed program for the prospective BBGs of Memphis! Everyone had a great time reminiscing on their childhood favorite shows and getting to know each other over spooey and tv clips.

Full Description:

We began with all the prospective freshmen and members sitting together in front of the program leaders. The program leaders sang this song (to the tune of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide) to open:

Pearl’s Declassified BBYO Survival Guide: Theme Song
In a city full of chapters
Insane choices
And cute AZAs
Pearl BBG, that’s us
And all the girls in our chapter
Try to do the impossible
Tell you all about Pearl in just 2 hours
All us girls
Hangin’ out
Having fun, ain’t no doubt
Never fear
Pearl is here
We’ll break it down
What’s in your way!
yeah yeah yeahhh
We found our place in Daniel Pearl
yeah yeah yeahhhhh
Pearl is All that... a Nickelodeon Intake
(activities may vary)
Whoa whoa whoaaa!

MIT Mom: Hi everyone, welcome to Pearl is All That: A Nickelodeon Intake! Thank you so much for coming, we’re very excited to see you all here! And most importantly, we’re excited that you’ll be getting into BBYO this year! Before we begin, we want everyone to meet our fabulous newly elected Fall Term board! (intro board) Now that you’ve met out board, we want to introduce you to the rest of the cheetahlicious members. (intro members) Now that you’ve met us, we wanna meet you! Please go around and say your name and school. (do that)

For the next portion of the program, we had boxes wrapped for the freshmen to open/ look at in groups. Box 1 had the chapter scrapbook, box 2 had spooey, and box 3 had chapter apparel! This activity gave the girls an idea of what our chapter is like. They were divided into groups by pawprints that were drawn in the corners of their nametags in various colors.

Pearl in a Box: Living Room
S'ganit: Though you may have an IDEA of all that Pearl is about, we want to show you! Each box contains something special that represents us. Purple pawprints, come up and open box 1 (point to box) (they open box).

Purple: Ned’s box: scrapbook
Eden: Just like Ned’s famous guide to middle school life, our scrapbook is a guide to all that is Pearl. As you flip through the pages, you’ll see the last year in the life of Pearl. It shows loads of our programs, formals, and regional events. shout out to Brooke and Jaime  (Pass it around and look at it) Orange pawprints, come up and open box 2

Orange: Spongebob: spooey
Caroline: In Bikini Bottom, there isn’t a fish who isn’t obsessed with Krabby Patties (throws Krabby Patty at someone), not even Squidward. Well, in BBG, we have our own obsession: SPOOEY. Pretzels and icing may seem like a strange combination, but taste and you’ll get it. Not only does it taste delicious, but it brings us together as sisters. (pass it around, nom nom nom) Green pawprints. Come up and open box 3

Green: Zoey 101: apparel
Emma: Back in the day, when Zoey 101 was THE show on Nick, you know you all wanted to dress just like Zoey and her friends (maybe not as much like Quinn). Nowadays we aren’t as much into camo skirts and key necklaces, but here in Pearl, we LOVE our chapter gear. At every program, girls are decked out in purple and white and cheetah, showing their spirit everywhere they go! (pass around)

The next activity was a TOTAL hit. we made a powerpoint with all the questions and to go along with each question was either a tv clip from the show or a picture.

Nick Trivia: Living Room
Eden: To test your knowledge on your nickelodeon childhood, we have come up with a bunch of questions and clips about some of the most rocking nick tv shows out there.
split freshman into 2 groups depending on where they’re sitting
Emma: We will be alternating the questions between each team. If your team gets it right, everybody in your group will get candy. Right now, choose one person in your team to be the speaker. Once you’ve discussed the answer, tell your speaker and she will shout it out. If you get it wrong, the question will go to the other team.

Zoey 101
•    What is the name of the moped that Zoey and her friends at PCA? JetX
•    Instead of Zoey having an apple computer, what other fruit did Nickelodeon use to put on the computer? Pear
Amanda Show
•    What is the famous thing Amanda does after telling her knock knock jokes on Totally Kyle? Imma hit you in the head with a…
•    What’s the name of the judge whose sidekicks are the Bailiff and Dancing Lobsters? Judge Trudy
•    What religion is Tommy and his family? JEWISH
•    What toy animal are all the babies obsessed with? REPTAR
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide
•    What animal terrorized James K Polk Middle School? Weasel
•    What’s Ned’s guy best friend’s name? Cookie!!
•    Where does Patrick live? Under a rock
•    What instrument does Squidward play? Clarinet
•    Where does Plankton work? The Chum Bucket
The Fairly Odd Parents
•    What are the Fairly odd Parents’ names? Cosmo and Wanda
•    What is the famous singer’s name who sings a song about his Shiny teeth? Chip Skylark (raise your hand) BONUS: Who’s the voice?
Drake and Josh
•    Whats the name of the movie theater they work at? The Premiere
•    Who’s the boss that’s in love with Drake? Helen

For this portion of the program, our n'siah dressed up as Penelope from the Amanda Show (Amanda's number one fan). The MITs searched for Amanda's diary (which we hid somewhere in the house) and received their clues to find their way to the diary by completing tasks. These tasks included matching the chapter board's current pictures to their baby pictures, putting together Nickelodeon puzzles, and dressing up like Nick characters.

Amanda Please Diary Dilemma: Still in living room when……
(N'siah comes running out): Has anybody seen Amanda’s diary? I need it for my website, which everybody should visit, but for now I think I need your help. These last few weeks, I have been losing track of Amanda’s personal life since she switched dressing rooms. So right now, you’re all going to help me find it. We’re gonna split you into two groups.
(MIT Mom): Tells them to split down the middle.
(N'siah): Group 1 please follow Emma and Sonja and group two please follow Caroline and Brooke.
1st activity: Pearl Spirit Puzzle:
    Group 1: Spongebob  (entry way)
    Group 2: Timmy Turner (living room)
2nd activity: Dress Up Game (Spongebob and Timmy Turner)
    Group 1: Spongebob: Beccas room
    Group 2: Timmy Turner: (Parents room)
3rd activity: Baby Picture Matching Game
    Group 1: (Foyer)
    Group 2: (Kitchen Table)

Once the girls found the diary, they read what was inside out loud, which was... Amanda loves Pearl BBG! To wrap up the program, members hung out in the living room with the freshmen, eating and talking!

Submitter's Suggestions:

Give yourself plenty of time to plan it, and everything will run smoothly! Also, have fun with it! Relate tv shows that you know YOUR chapter will like.