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Posted by Shira S

    Helpful Resources:

    Program HostChapter
    Host Region and ChapterSouth Jersey
    Dafna BBG
    Program TypeMind / Body / Attitude (MBA)
    Time RequiredLess then 2 hours
    Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
    Prospective Members
    8th Graders
    People Participating30-60
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    Program Summary:

    We had a meaningful program where we focused on the foundation of our beings.                

    Full Description:

    Who? BBG Chapter
    What? Sisterhood candle program
    Where? Basement of a member's house
    When? Friday night shabbat event
    Why? Meaningful program after a crazy/fun program


    • stackable petal candles
    • sharpies
    • tin foil

    Prior to the program, set up a square of tin foil in a circle, one piece per girl. Place 7-10 petals as well as a wick on each piece of tin foil [petals and wicks can be purchased together online]. Have girls sit silently at a piece of foil, dim the lights, and begin.

    Use sharpies to write on each petal:
    1st petal - something that makes you vulnerable
    2nd petal - something you never want to change about yourself
    3rd petal - the name of someone you can always count on
    4th petal - the nicest thing someone has ever said
    5th petal - what you would say to anyone in the world right now
    6th petal - how do you feel at this moment
    7th petal - where in the world can you be completely your own self

    Create your own!


    If time permits, light the candles so that everyone has their foundation "lit by BBG". Also, the petals can melt together to become more solid.

    Submitter's Suggestions:

    Unless the petals are melted together, they slide all over, so try to make time to light the candles once stacked on the wick and consolidate the petals.