Reisbord and Malev T'sha B'av Program

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Posted by Zach P

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterLonestar
Randy Reisbord AZA
Program TypeAthletic
Community Service
Jewish Holiday
Social Action
Time RequiredAny length
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
Boys (AZA)
Convention Participants
People Participating30-60

Program Summary:

Reisbord and Malev T'sha B'av Program

Full Description:

Supplies Needed: Laptop, Paper

Temple Program - This was perhaps the most impactful program of the whole weekend. Before even starting and letting everybody in, we lit candles and set them up on the tables and on the ground around the room. We then went out and told everyone to please walk in silently, because of the seriousness of this program. We then turned off the lights and had everybody walk in and sit at a table silently. To emphasize the mood we also had Brad Selsberg playing a soft melody on the guitar. Once everybody got situated, we started a video with pictures of Israel and things retaining to the Jewish Holiday T’sha B’av, and when it was over we explained what exactly T’sha B’av is and why we have it. When we were done explaining this, each person, still silent, received a piece of paper and a pen, and were told to write any serious personal message and/or a prayer, and when they were done each piece of paper was put into a paper bag. Without anybody knowing, we then switched the bags with another identical bag with blank pieces of paper in it. Then, we all got up and took a walk in complete silence outside to the barbecue area. As everybody sat down we lit the barbecue pit and threw the blank papers into the fire. Everyone still thought that the papers were their prayers and we related this to T’sha B’av, explaining how the Jews must have felt when their prayers were all destroyed. We then asked them what they were feeling as they saw their prayers burn and how the Jews in Israel must have felt. After asking questions, we told them the truth that we did not actually burn their prayers, and the real prayers would be taken by Dena Lipper, to be taken to the Western Wall during the summer when she visits Israel.

Submitter's Suggestions:

Start planning VERY early. Create a committee and hold regular committee meetings so everything will be done for sure. Do not wait until the last minute for supplies and other changes. Make sure everything is done and ready to go at least one week before. Have a final meeting a couple days before convention to make sure everything is ready.