BBG Valentine's Overnight

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Posted by Leora G

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterLonestar
Yitzhak Rabin BBYO
Program TypeArts
Community Service
Mind / Body / Attitude (MBA)
Social Action
Women's Issues
Time RequiredMore than 12 hours
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
People Participating10-30

Program Summary:

We enjoyed a relaxing spa overnight the weekend before Valentine's day with our sister BBGs and spread the love!

Full Description:

Our program was be held at a home of a member.  The girls were told to eat dinner before arriving. A few volunteers for our board came 45 minutes before the program started to start on the fondue (chocolate and cheese) and get the dipping foods prepared.
 Once everyone arrived, the Schlicha lead a Havdalah service prepared beforehand incorporating yoga and/or meditation exercises ( an example of our service is attached). After completing the service, we enjoyed chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter, and cheese fondue together.
We then split into random groups of about 4 or 5 girls each ( group size will depend on attendance). Each group was handed a slip of paper with ingredients to make homemade facials (recipes for these facials are attached). Each group had to brainstorm things they had in common that could be represented by each ingredient on their slip. Once the groups came up with ideas to match with their given ingredients, they made the facials and had fun putting the mixtures on each other's faces. WE TOOK LOTS OF PICTURES DURING THIS. It was hilarious. After washing off, we baked cupcakes for an organization that one of our member's mom's belongs too. The organization takes donations of baked goods for the homeless. We discussed different organizations that could be volunteered at to aid the homeless and the girls showed interest in doing chapter service together. Finally we all wound down after a long night and unwrapped each other's gifts during the gift exchange. We then wrapped up the night with plenty of candy, good and welfare, and plenty of romantic comedies! When we woke the next morning before everyone left, we discussed the importance of having close girl friends to rely on and how BBYO offered that to everyone. The spirit of love and Valentine's can be shared between our sister BBGS.
We charged $5 admission for each girl to cover the cost of the food.

Submitter's Suggestions:

*Get to the program early with 2 or 3 other girls to help you set up
*This program can be extended into a retreat
*Find inexpensive ingredients and foods and ask around the chapter for fondue pots in advance