Free Yourself from Captivity Campout

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Posted by Jaime M

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterCotton States
Program TypeArts
Business Meeting
Community Service
Member-in-Training (MIT)
Political Activism
Social Action
Time Required5-12 hours
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
People Participating10-30

Program Summary:

This campout is a 6-fold based off of sisterhood and social action. It is a great bonding, educational, and FUN campout for all members!

Full Description:

This super fun six-fold campout based on sisterhood and social action. The girls arrived at a cabin at a local camp grounds (if you cant find a campsite someones backyard will work just as well). We had a beautiful and simple Havdallah service, incorporating our daily “captivities” that we face, such as stereotypes, bullies, and general restrictions. Once the service ended, we moved into discussion questions about Gilad Shalit’s freedom from captivity and some of the consequences that this may cause. When our discussion ended, we had a great dinner cooked over the fire we made. During dinner, we had a quick business meeting and elected a new beau! Since Channukah is around the corner, we made cards for the elderly to cheer them up! Once we finished the cards, we played flashlight tag. The tag is a reenactment of being put in a situation where if you are shined on by a flashlight, you are being taken captive.  Since we were tired after a long game of flashlight tag, we moved into our creativity fold of the night... Campfire Iron Chef! The group split up into teams and were given a variety of foods, such as fruits and candies, and created their own concoctions to be cooked over the fire. It was a very yummy activity! To conclude our evening, we moved into a more serious sisterhood fold. We all sat in a circle around the fire and wrote 1-3 stereotypes we thought we had been given on a piece of paper. We went around the circle and talked about the different stereotypes. Once we finished, we threw the notes into the fire an let them burn, therefore freeing ourselves from the captivity of the stereotypes. This program is a great bonding and educational program, while having fun at the same time!

Havdallah Service
Social Action fold (Gilad Shalit Disscussion)
Community Service fold (Make cards for elderly)
Recreation fold (flashlight tag)
Creativity fold (Campfire Iron Chef)
Sisterhood fold (Burning Stereotypes)
Assorted games until bed
Bed time

Havdallah Supplies
Assorted food items for Campfire Iron Chef

Fee was $5 to cover the cost of the food.
We all met at a local temple, then carpooled to the campsite.

Submitter's Suggestions:

Make sure to get an idea of how many members are attending, make sure you have campout materials, and have fun!