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Posted by Jennifer P

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Program HostChapter
Host Region and ChapterGreat Midwest
Ahavah BBG
Program TypeEntertainment
Time RequiredAny length
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
Teen Leaders
Chapter Board
People ParticipatingUnder 10

Program Summary:

A fun sleepover for your board filled with bonding, problem solving, and a successful first board meeting!

Full Description:

So at the beginning of my term as N'siah, my S'ganit and I planned a lovely sleepover for our newly elected board! We did a bunch of little programs and activities in addition to a regular board meeting. It really helped us start our term productively and we all had tons of fun!

1) I passed out the binders I had made for my board. Inside there were a bunch of useful papers such as:
       -Contact information to their regional counterpart
       -Position specific resources (i got those from dashboard)
       -A Goals sheet for them to fill out
       -A "Whose job is it" worksheet
We Started with the Whose Job is it worksheet. It lists a whole bunch of specific jobs/task in a table format such as "in contact with parents", or "manages chapter funds", etc. Then, the top the table has all the different specific positions (N'siah, chapter board, chapter advisors, regional directors, regional board, etc.) So as you go through each row on the table, you rank which position is most responsible for each task! [[hopefully that all made sense]]

2) The next thing we did was this poster board activity.
       -2 pieces of poster board (or 1 just cut in half)
       -a bunch of colorful markers
 -have the board sit around one piece of poster board in a circle
-have everyone take a marker
-begining writing all of the positive things about your chapter (strong members, cooperative, fun, etc.)
-Then have a little discussion about those things/what you have done to make these things true about your chapter
-On the other piece of posterboard, begin writing all of the negative things about your chapter (too talkative during programs, cell phone problems, respect)
-have a discussion about these problems and how you want to overcome them as a board during the term

**this was really successful for my board, because for the rest of the night we specifically attempted to avoid the problems that we normally would encounter such as redundancy during our board meetings**

3) That led smoothly into our next thing: our board meeting
It was a regular board meeting led by the S'ganit, but since it was the first one of the term there was a lot to discuss.
We loosely planned out the entire term calendar, talked about our major goals for the term, started working on a chapter chair network, and began planning upcoming programs/events!

4) The last thing i planned for the board was making string bracelets...but with a twist!
       -many different colors of string, one for each board member
       -beads with letters on them
-Have each board member pick a different color that will represent them (usually their favorite color, but make sure everyone picks a different one)
-cut the string so that everyperson has one strand of each color
-begin making the braclet (tornado style..see the posted picture), so that the colors go in board order! (so the N'siahs color will be on top, then the S'ganit's, etc)
-About halfway down or after you get through board order once, add the letter beads that spell out your own specific board position!
-finish off the bracelet continuing the colors in the same order

Your board will talk and bond through all of this and afterwards you girls will be left with matching bracelets that represent the entire board and your own position!

5) by this time it was pretty late, so we ended the night with a Board Good and Welfare. It went really well because we had all bonded and it was the first one of the year since summer had just ended!

6) The next day was our Regional XXs training at the local JCC, so we all dressed up all spirited in our chapter colors, went out to brunch, and then went to the JCC for XXs.
-I loved having our sleepover the night before because we all had gotten so close, we had tons of ideas fresh in our head, and it was a nice end to an awesome night of board bonding!!!

I hope this helps some of you wanting to plan some board bonding! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!!!

Submitter's Suggestions:


2. Don't carry any one activity on for too long or the board will become bored! (pun intended)