Menorah Pledge Yoga

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Posted by Madeleine F

    Program HostChapter
    Host Region and ChapterMountain
    Salt Lake City BBG
    Program TypeEducation
    Mind / Body / Attitude (MBA)
    Time RequiredLess then 2 hours
    Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
    Prospective Members
    8th Graders
    People Participating10-30

    Program Summary:

    Education on the Menorah Pledges, while doing relaxing yoga!

    Full Description:

    -Yoga Mats
    -Yoga book (if unfamiliar with yoga moves)

    0-5: Have leader get everyone situated with a yoga mat, plenty of space, and dim the lights.

    -Sun Salutation: (Citizenship-We pledge our devotion to our beloved country, whose
    blessing we shall never take for granted. WE shall guard zealously our democratic rights
    and shall fulfill our duties as citizens.) Basically, Citizenship is about never taking
    advantage of our rights as citizens. Just like the name of the pose name, we should always
    welcome citizenship just like we welcome the sun everyday.

    -Cobra: (Inter-faith Relations-We represent one of the faiths that make up the diverse
    pattern of the religious world. We shall learn to understand and respect our neighbor. WE
    shall so live as individuals and groups that we may reflect credit upon the Jewish people.)
    It is important for us to be knowledgeable and respect other people in our community.

    -Extended Triangle/Angle Pose: (Jewish Heritage- We have a magnificent Jewish heritage which has enriched the civilization of every land. We shall aim to become imbued with an understanding and a love of our Jewish culture so that we may be a conscious part of the people from whom we stem. We shall always strive to live up the ideals which are the essence of Jewish religious faith.) Jewish Heritage is just like its
    name. It is what keeps this organization together. Just like how the pose makes us reach
    for the stretch, we should always be open to deepen our Jewish Heritage.

    -Big Toe Pose: (Community Service- We recognize our responsibility to render selfless service as citizens of the community in which we live.Philanthropy) Obviously,Community Service is about helping the community. Like this pose, it’s always good to offer a helping-hand to the community.

    -Inversion: (Philanthropy- We shall always be concerned with the underprivileged and
    the distressed. We shall offer our help to those in need recognizing that the ability to
    help others is a blessing and a responsibility. Since philanthropy is about being open to
    helping people who need our help, we need to bend over backwards to make it possible.

    -‘Animal’ Pose: (Good Sisterhood- We make possible the warmth and joy of good sisterhood through our association in Chapters. We shall respect the rights of each member. WE shall make our chapter a true example of democratic living so that companionship and friendship may endure.) Our sisterhood is one of the most vital part of our organization. Sisterhood is the reason this organization is still standing. Just like
    how this pose will stretch many parts of our body, this pose represents all the sisters we
    have and the amount of love we share.

    -Warrior: (Tradition- WE shall try to exemplify in our home the finest of Jewish family traditions.) When most people think of yoga, they think of this pose. When most people think of BBG, they think of spooey, the menorah pledge, and sisterhood. To wrap up yoga, we will be doing the most traditional pose to represent the tradition of BBG.
    40-60 (Laying down to relax) We cannot take BBG  for granted. It’s important for us to stay never stop learning about what’s going
    in our order so that we can stay educated. As you return to standing, think about what you want to do to change your order, whether it’s recruiting a new member or planning a program. I’ll give you a few minutes
    to do so before I turn the lights back on.

    Submitter's Suggestions:

    Make sure the environment is calm and quiet while doing yoga.