A Story of Humble Beginnings

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Posted by Ryan F

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Program HostRegional
Host RegionOhio Northern
Program TypeAleph-in-Training (AIT)
New Member Convention
Time RequiredLess then 2 hours
Target Population(s)Boys (AZA)
People Participating30-60

Program Summary:

We can all talk about whether we were happy or sad before eighth grade, AZA added something to our lives. So how does this perception of AZA change over time? How does one rise from a mere eighth grader to greatness?

Full Description:

This separates program was used with our Regional inductions ceremony at AIT/MIT 2012: Build Your Own BBYO. The entire program is attached.

Submitter's Suggestions:

Set the mood right! Keep everyone silent, don't let the room be too bright, walk around, and be captivating. These run great with an inductions ceremony!