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Sean L.

Southern-Dixie Council

My Programs

Standing Together To Unite As One Posted By Sean L

Based on 2 Ratings

When one brick falls out, it all breaks. Cardboard Bricks are used in this program to show indestructibility and the endless opportunities when we work together as Brother Alephs.  » Read More

Who Wants To Be A Superhero? Posted By Sean L

Based on 1 Rating

In this program the participants will explore the differences between real and fictional superheroes as well as their relationship to villains, both real and fictional. Participants will learn how each of them individually can be a superhero at home. » Read More

Battle of the Sexes Posted By Sean L

Based on 2 Ratings

We are trying to break social, gender stereotypes through fun and interactive programming. » Read More

Disorder in the Court! Posted By Sean L

Based on 1 Rating

Come discuss relevant topics in today’s society with your friends at International Convention! Bring your robe and gavel [but don’t actually] to court the opinions of the people around you. Alternative Oneg 2010, best program of your lives. » Read More

AZAA Posted By Sean L

Based on 3 Ratings

This year, we wanted to give you an AZAA experience to bring back to your home region. All of these creative sports will uphold the highest values of AZA. We hope you enjoy. » Read More