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Ryan F.

Ohio Northern
Exodus AZA

My Programs

A Story of Humble Beginnings Posted By Ryan F

Based on 1 Rating

We can all talk about whether we were happy or sad before eighth grade, AZA added something to our lives. So how does this perception of AZA change over time? How does one rise from a mere eighth grader to greatness? » Read More

Laser Tag Sleepover Posted By Ryan F

Based on 2 Ratings

Exodus AZA came together to have an amazing time playing laser tag and then having a sleep over! This is a great program to get new members out of and also a great fundraiser for your chapter or for I$F or Stand Up!. » Read More

Channukah in July (in August!) Posted By Ryan F

Based on 1 Rating

A very fun program to do in the middle of the summer, Channukah in July is a Five Fold, all-encompassing program to have. » Read More

Exodus Old School Night Posted By Ryan F

Based on 1 Rating

This was a very fun, well-rounded program that encompassed many different aspects of the term "Old School." We learned about chapter history, discussed past events, and played various old games. There was also a cookout! » Read More

Create-a-Chapter (AIT/MIT Prep) Posted By Ryan F

Based on 1 Rating

This program was primarily to teach cheers and traditions and show how chapters function differently. It also prepared new members for AIT/MIT New Member Weekend. » Read More