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Jeremy E.

Northern East-DC Council
Melech AZA

My Programs

In God We Trust? Posted By Jeremy E

Based on 1 Rating

G-d's involvement in our everyday lives, and even His existence,is believed differently by each individual person. But how often do people get a chance to express their thoughts and/or concerns? » Read More

Melech's Hostage Crisis Posted By Jeremy E

Based on 3 Ratings

An interactive metaphor for the recent release of Gilad Shalit, which puts the controversial topic into perspective. » Read More

Award Winner!Israeli Border Crisis Posted By Jeremy E

Based on 5 Ratings

This program is a metaphor for the Israeli national security issue with their neighboring countries existing as a constant threat, as displayed in the 6 day war. » Read More

Melech's BROvention Posted By Jeremy E

Based on 2 Ratings

BROvention embodies an AZA program by using multiple folds and having an emphasis on brotherhood.
This program gives members the opportunity to bond while enjoying an AZA experience that cannot be found anywhere else. » Read More